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Thin Film Interference

Creator: SoylentGreen image
Category: Fancy
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Rating: 9.15 (27 ratings)
Downloads: 7505

This is a faked thin film interference, which you can notice on soap bubbles or thin oil films.

It looks best in front of a black background.
Thin Film Interference
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Thin Film Interference:

Goosey on May, 15th - 2007, 22:20 CET  
Looks like the perfect Bubble material. Thanks for submitting :)

ankitz on May, 20th - 2007, 19:37 CET  
gr8 one....

CyaNn on Oct, 1st - 2007, 16:50 CET  
Yeah. Greate job.
I think most transparent with less color power should be perfect. But it's a really greate base material for a soap bubble.

Well 10 is the rating... lol ;)

nille on Feb, 2nd - 2008, 19:07 CET  
This is so much better than the other soap bubble material. 10p.

DimentioRocks122 on Dec, 24th - 2009, 18:22 CET  
Bubble monkey XD