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Kryptoon Krystals

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Category: Toon
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Well, here's how i imagine the icy landscapes of Superman's dissapeared planet. Just some tricky settings about Normals and Displacement together.
Kryptoon Krystals
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Kryptoon Krystals:

marmit424 on Jun, 18th - 2007, 16:45 CET  
Haha, I think this one looks preety cool and a good depiction! Maybe if you made it green where the metal wasn't it would make it a little bit more realistic since Supermans home world had a green setting. Or if you added snow particles it would be more like his base on Earth. (No I'm not a superman finatic - I just have a good memory! ---- And I'm not in denial. LOL)

meschoyez on Oct, 1st - 2007, 00:13 CET  
oh, well... Krypton it's not what it was... ;)

Brammie22 on Oct, 28th - 2007, 09:25 CET  
Suzanne must go to the doctor.
But its nice.

enzo on Nov, 29th - 2007, 00:21 CET  
Very good ..!i like it!
Not tested by superman ...

nabeshin on Dec, 12th - 2007, 15:04 CET  
that's the best material and i've never ever seen, :| it's fantastic! good good good goood goooooooood work :p

Nazsha on Mar, 14th - 2008, 00:25 CET  
Great material! Does anyone know what is the REAL color of Krypton?
Awesome work =)

Brammie22 on Apr, 4th - 2008, 18:05 CET  
The real color of Krypton is green.
Found it on the net :-)

Lojimaster on Jul, 30th - 2008, 16:23 CET  
The color is essentially green but it has other colors too because of natural features.
Found in Ultimate Guide To Superman (book)