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Category: Misc
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Nice Cloud and Smoke-Node with soft border.
Map it to low-resolution sphere and use this as particel or dupliface with press the skale-button.
enjoy it ;-)
Sphere Suzanne

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Comments to Cloud:

meschoyez on May, 18th - 2007, 05:31 CET  
Thats a great job! i'll try it now....

Ls777 on May, 18th - 2007, 20:46 CET  
looks like ya need to fix the shadows :(
Other than that its absolutely beautiful :)

ankitz on May, 20th - 2007, 19:32 CET  
ya..shadows hav to be improved but how???

blendamed on May, 20th - 2007, 22:26 CET  
I know this problem, bat I have still no solution for it. Its a Problem of node. Use Area-Light to make the shadows softer.

Ls777 on Jun, 1st - 2007, 22:09 CET  
Why not disable shadows for the material completely??? =P

Ush on Oct, 2nd - 2007, 21:12 CET  
unfortunally, it's has shadow ;/