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Tennisball (very simple)

Creator: hoehrer image
Category: Fabric/Clothes
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Rating: 3.5 (6 ratings)
Downloads: 2638

It's not the most realistic imitation of the real thing, but works pretty well for most things.

Tennisball (very simple)
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Tennisball (very simple):

Paratron on May, 21th - 2007, 18:14 CET  
I'm missing the white lines! :(

hoehrer on May, 22th - 2007, 08:47 CET  
Since they are kinda hard to do with procedurals I concentrated on one that is usable with something modelled like this for now:

You then could use "Rubber white" material for the rubber (i.e. the white lines)