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Ocean Water

Creator: Paratron image
Category: Water
Sent online:
Rating: 9.54 (52 ratings)
Downloads: 21181

Made with a tutorial of ComputerArts
Ocean Water
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Ocean Water:

Schatten on May, 8th - 2007, 15:48 CET  
boah geil

sagirbas on May, 15th - 2007, 15:17 CET  
good one

jefe317 on May, 15th - 2007, 22:17 CET  
very helpful

SoylentGreen on May, 16th - 2007, 08:45 CET  
This is beautiful. Is it supposed to be animated?

CoyHot on May, 17th - 2007, 23:02 CET  
Really good !!!

Batman on May, 18th - 2007, 14:31 CET  
Nice work Paratron !

Mr. Crunchy on May, 18th - 2007, 17:42 CET  
Nice ocean!

Ls777 on May, 18th - 2007, 18:28 CET  
One of the best water's ive seen...

hamster on Oct, 5th - 2007, 16:41 CET  

Brammie22 on Oct, 28th - 2007, 08:29 CET  
VERY nice!!!!
I like it so much, gonna use this always for large amounts of water!

melon on Jan, 21th - 2008, 11:11 CET  
really good ocean water

Tynach on Apr, 12th - 2008, 15:53 CET  
I should make a fluid simulation with this material.