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plastic surface

Creator: SaphireS image
Category: Plastic
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Rating: 8.67 (3 ratings)
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plastic surface
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to plastic surface:

Paratron on Aug, 28th - 2007, 18:40 CET  
hmm... Not very spectacular, but I think it's usable :D

SaphireS on Aug, 29th - 2007, 09:49 CET  
True...If no Material is added for a few days, I upload one, I'm using in my current project.
It's simple but works.;)

Paratron on Oct, 4th - 2007, 21:48 CET  
Its not usable for animation. Change the type of the Texture to "Clouds" with a Cell-Noise Basis at a size of 0.1, or you will get a funny effect of crizzling when you animate it ;)