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Creator: knittl image
Category: Wood
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Rating: 8 (11 ratings)
Downloads: 9957

wooden floor material for parquets and similar things
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Parquet:

Marcus Fenix on Sep, 3rd - 2007, 00:09 CET  
Wow really nice!

ProfFiendish on Sep, 3rd - 2007, 17:46 CET  
I like!

Ls777 on Sep, 4th - 2007, 14:30 CET  
very goood ^^

Paratron on Sep, 4th - 2007, 18:20 CET  
Hmmm, no Procedual :(

knittl on Sep, 4th - 2007, 20:57 CET  
i'm sorry, but i knew no other way how to get it to look like a parquet without a texture. tell me how and i'll do it :P

Meanie on Sep, 5th - 2007, 07:23 CET  
This looks nice. Wouldn't it be possible to create something similar by mixing cellnoise and wood procedurals?

Ls777 on Sep, 5th - 2007, 22:51 CET  
good idea meanie..ill see if i could recreate it :D

dasparadoxon on Sep, 16th - 2007, 14:53 CET  
it looks okai, not very sharp though, but good for big parquet areas from far