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Final Fantasy Gost

Creator: CyaNn image
Category: Fancy
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A little fresnel experiment to remake the final fantasy (the spirit within) gosts material.

If you tweak this, I think you can obtain fire or X-ray (change color to blue).

Just for fun ! ;)
Final Fantasy Gost
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Final Fantasy Gost:

Ush on Oct, 1st - 2007, 16:43 CET  
suzi isn't beatiful, but sphere and custom are ok ;)

meschoyez on Oct, 1st - 2007, 19:34 CET  
really impressive. :D

walross on Oct, 1st - 2007, 20:42 CET  
dont know what final fantasy gost is, but its rather cool

CyaNn on Oct, 2nd - 2007, 10:07 CET  
The gosts are here

For complet image of suzanne look at here (with image post-prod) :

Thanks for your comments ;)

kaelisebonrai on Oct, 6th - 2007, 14:44 CET  
Looks brilliant, I must say.