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Dust material

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Category: Dirt
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From a long time I try to find how to create a real dust material.

Here is the principe, not realy a material to use immediatly, but the methode to obtain the dust effect.

You must use under vertex paint the "self shadow VCol (A.O)" tool to create black vertex color in the angled edges model.

You can find the tutorial here

Thanks to SoylentGreen for it's coppre Voronoi I use for this tuto.

Best and enjoy.
Dust material
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Dust material:

Ls777 on Oct, 12th - 2007, 01:03 CET  
wow...awesome idea dude
and awesome mat ^^

CyaNn on Oct, 12th - 2007, 10:21 CET  
The mat is not mine, It was created by SoylentGreen.
You can find the originai material on his material repository here :
Copper Voronoi

Thanks to him.

Me I just teach how to place dust or rust (like here) on material geometry

Thanks for crits.