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piano lacquer

Creator: walross image image
Category: Car Paint
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Rating: 9.58 (12 ratings)
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provided by missgarfield
piano lacquer
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to piano lacquer:

Chainz on Oct, 31th - 2007, 10:19 CET  
That one looks really nice! :)

Brammie22 on Nov, 1st - 2007, 10:53 CET  
For a black piano? Very good!!!
But there is too much raymirror. Try too set it on 0.23 or something.
I'm not sure, but i have with raymirror a transparent piano!
Thanks btw!

Abc on Dec, 6th - 2007, 00:11 CET  

3D Joel on Jan, 17th - 2008, 01:11 CET  
awesome i'm going to use it for my hover car!