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precious wood

Creator: deadReaper image
Category: Wood
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Rating: 1.82 (17 ratings)
Downloads: 3477

precious wood
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to precious wood:

Paratron on May, 6th - 2007, 19:14 CET  
Sorry... doesn't look like wood... :-x

Ls777 on May, 9th - 2007, 16:27 CET  
wood? naw man...

lindamus on May, 15th - 2007, 10:35 CET  
maybe some tarnished gold leaf? but sorry, not wood.

meschoyez on May, 16th - 2007, 16:57 CET  
Oh my Wood!

Ush on Oct, 2nd - 2007, 17:46 CET  
what's kind of wood ???

mookie on Apr, 5th - 2008, 10:30 CET  
Wood-like-material or not there has been more than 600 downloads so far!