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Creator: Chainz image image
Category: Wall
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Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Concrete:

Ush on Nov, 8th - 2007, 19:18 CET  

wormwood on Nov, 8th - 2007, 22:11 CET  
Thanks for this. Just did a quick test and it's fab. Really pro quality. Saves me having to hunt for tileable images. With this and the Sandstone material you deserve the title of Stone Master :)

Darrrik on Nov, 8th - 2007, 23:53 CET  
Looks awesome! Thanx alot!

Chainz on Nov, 9th - 2007, 08:48 CET  
Thanks Wormwood!
I'm really glad that I could help :)

nille on Feb, 2nd - 2008, 19:43 CET  
yeah, pretty good. Looks like concrete... 9p