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brown sunglass

Creator: Xain777 image
Category: Glass
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just something I wipped up to get some learnin in so please comment Thank You
brown sunglass
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to brown sunglass:

markamorossi on Nov, 20th - 2007, 00:03 CET  
not very sunglassy, but its better than mine, so kudos. =)

SoylentGreen on Nov, 20th - 2007, 07:20 CET  
The blurred specularity is maybe a bit to much (if you use intense lighting), it makes it look a bit more like plastic.

Xain777 on Nov, 24th - 2007, 02:48 CET  
that is because it is the cheapo sunglasses i was working off of