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Brown Glass

Creator: SoylentGreen image
Category: Glass
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Rating: 7 (4 ratings)
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This isn't really glas because it has an IOR of 1, but most sunglasses don't refract.

Quite simple material but it gives a nice shadow and doesn't appear to dark.
Brown Glass
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Brown Glass:

Jörzi on Nov, 22th - 2007, 12:01 CET  
Seems good to me, but yo could propably do it with ztransp if the IOR is 1.
I think it wold be faster to render then ;)

SoylentGreen on Nov, 22th - 2007, 16:38 CET  
But would obviously not work with ZTransp :-). Raytracing does more than refraction.