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rough leather

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Category: Fabric/Clothes
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for like a seat on a school bus.

and yea chainz i had a reference.
rough leather
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to rough leather:

Chainz on Dec, 5th - 2007, 14:50 CET  
Looks nice.
Too bad that you do not understand what constructive criticism is :'(

markamorossi on Dec, 5th - 2007, 14:53 CET  
no i understand perfectly well.
but when 10 freakin people say the same stuff it can get annoying.
plus people calling me out on false shit's not fun either.

meschoyez on Dec, 5th - 2007, 19:00 CET  
hey guys... don't miss the point; this place just grows and grows, and that's a good thing. We must be thankful to all the people that upload materials, and we can just make some objetive criticism. Have fun!

Jörzi on Dec, 7th - 2007, 14:46 CET  
yea it can get annoying, but you should remember that there are a lot of people here and you needn't get upset just because not everyone is that friendly...
Nice material btw;)

markamorossi on Dec, 7th - 2007, 15:05 CET  
thank you.

look ive been hella asshole-ish lately and im sorry.
chainz, truce?

NCubed on Jan, 18th - 2008, 04:32 CET  
1 Yes, must be loads of people like me saying, "Wow, that's great."

2 You've made so many really good materials.

3 An argument in print/online actually looks funny.

4 The resolution is lovely - just needs hug from chainz.