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Electric lamp

Creator: pedu image image
Category: Halo
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Rating: 8.38 (8 ratings)
Downloads: 5895

Almost well as possible :-).
You must add lamp for lightening. And glass too.
Electric lamp

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Comments to Electric lamp:

Tohinho on Jan, 9th - 2008, 23:50 CET  
I would say batter than 7 but not so good as 9
what do you think i give ?
Right 8 Points

Brammie22 on Jan, 10th - 2008, 07:50 CET  
It's very nice, because i almost CAN'T work with a halo! :-p
Also, its usefull! Great work!

nille on Feb, 2nd - 2008, 19:57 CET  
yeah, very useful. 8p.