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Electric lights animated

Creator: pedu image image
Category: Halo
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With halo.
You may load own picture. Mesh is multisubdivided plane.
Electric lights animated

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Comments to Electric lights animated:

Brammie22 on Jan, 11th - 2008, 17:42 CET  
very cool! :-)

tvblender on Jan, 11th - 2008, 22:39 CET  
How did u get the Halo to be blue?

pedu on Jan, 12th - 2008, 04:39 CET  
It is FLARE efect (lens flare)
If you change Fl.seed, or Flares, (Flare size, sub size, boost, too) effect will be another.

tvblender on Jan, 12th - 2008, 21:16 CET  
Thanks! I imported a photoshop file with a yellow text letter and wanted to match the flashing glow with the color with text color. Moving the boost to .100, Fl. seed to 255 and Flare to 3 allowed me to achieve this effect.

Rchv on Apr, 4th - 2008, 17:01 CET  
The Fl.seed has an essential impact on the result, hard to think out an effect like this beforehand, or? Great effect though.