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Creator: organic image
Category: Fabric/Clothes
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Rating: 7.2 (5 ratings)
Downloads: 7687

The image is adapted from one included with the Blender Texture Disc -
Blender Texture Disc now public domain
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Cotton:

Paratron on Jan, 25th - 2008, 12:56 CET  
What happened to the preivew-render? The cotton-texture is somehow missing...
I've looked in the blendfile and it's there.

Brammie22 on Jan, 25th - 2008, 21:16 CET  
Maybe he can upload it again?

organic on Jan, 29th - 2008, 18:28 CET  
Organic -
Thanks for bringing it to my attention - I hadn't noticed. I mapped the image texture to orco instead of uv. I'll mail them to you in a day or two. At least t-shirts have seams; spheres and monkeys don't - does Suzanne have a zip up the back of her head...?

Paratron on Jan, 30th - 2008, 19:47 CET  
okay, images are updated