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toon ink

Creator: Brammie22 image image
Category: Toon
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Credits go to AngelaSmith from the BA forums.
Very cool nodework! :-)
You can change the colors easy in the mix panel on the right of the setup.
You don' t need lights.
Please look at the custom or Suzanne render.
toon ink
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to toon ink:

Ush on Mar, 22th - 2008, 20:21 CET  

Chainz on Mar, 24th - 2008, 13:08 CET  
Oh! Indeed... that opens a door for making sketch material.

qubodup on Mar, 25th - 2008, 04:28 CET  
sorry for being a dick, but did AngelaSmith give permission to post it here?

Brammie22 on Mar, 25th - 2008, 16:42 CET  
It' s free to use.