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Normal Map

Creator: McPanic image
Category: Misc
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Rating: 9.96 (24 ratings)
Downloads: 3304

Use this material to create normal maps from complex objects and map them on simpler versions of your objects.
Normal Map
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Normal Map:

Ls777 on May, 8th - 2007, 17:19 CET  
Beatiful! Illl be defintily using this in the BGE...

SaphireS on May, 10th - 2007, 20:30 CET  
Very nice, thanks!!

ProfFiendish on Sep, 3rd - 2007, 18:02 CET  

Guitar Bevo on Sep, 17th - 2007, 16:53 CET  

SoylentGreen on Oct, 20th - 2007, 09:29 CET  
This is of course a normal map in camera space, not in tangent space (blender is till now not able to create tangent space normal maps).