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Cross Hatch

Creator: Domino image
Category: Toon
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This normal based material gives a cross hatch shading in the shadows. The shading direction is set by the normal control in the nodes and the color can be set too. The size of the cross hatching can be adjusted in the two "mapping" controls. Just alter the sizes from 50.0 (larger values = smaller cross hatching).
Cross Hatch
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Cross Hatch:

Brammie22 on Mar, 24th - 2008, 18:34 CET  
Strange materials you got here, but i like them!

Ush on Mar, 24th - 2008, 19:32 CET  
i like toon-type, but it's some strange... ;/

Domino on Mar, 24th - 2008, 21:41 CET  
Strange.. Seem to have a theme going here :D

The material was setup for the small renders ( 256 x 256 ) here. If you are doing more normal sized stuff, then you'll need to alter the size of the mappings. The Z size doesn't matter as it's not used, and to keep the hatching even, the two mappings should mirror each other. I'm getting nice results with X=100 Y=20 on the first and X=20, Y=100 on the second. But a lot of different styles can be done by playing with these so feel free to break the rules and come up with your own strangeness ;)

NCubed on Apr, 4th - 2008, 17:20 CET  
Ohh, does anyone get out of here (the repository) alive? Been lost for days, tempted by more and more materials, downloading things I'll never use just because they look good. How many alien skin sofas must I design. Or how many earrings will the Smurfs buy?