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zbrush Red Clay

Creator: Concept 3D image
Category: Misc
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Rating: 8 (1 ratings)
Downloads: 2044

A zbrush style red clay material that shows off complexed or sculpted objects very well. You will probably want to turn the nor down on the noise to about 1 or .75. Enjoy!
zbrush Red Clay
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to zbrush Red Clay:

NCubed on Apr, 4th - 2008, 16:36 CET  
Haven't tested it yet, but it looks classy. Perhaps you should rename it zbrush_red_clay.

Concept 3D on Apr, 25th - 2008, 19:23 CET  
How exactly?

Concept 3D on Apr, 25th - 2008, 19:24 CET  
Ok then done that.