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Genie Skin

Creator: Grendies image
Category: Toon
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Genie’s blue skin from Disney’s Aladdin. It’s been a while since I contributed anything to Blender-Materials, so I decided to have at a material suggestion I’ve been eyeing for a while. No textures, just toon/phong shading and a modified cream subsurface scattering; took less than an hour and a half to make. Renders pretty quick.
Genie Skin
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Genie Skin:

Ush on May, 23th - 2008, 11:47 CET  
Thx. However i didn't think about toon. 8/10

Grendies on May, 23th - 2008, 13:32 CET  
Ok, I'll have a go at that later today. Shouldn't take too long once I get started; it's already pretty close, just needs to be a little more pale and a little more solid. Might end up tossing together a normal human skin for a more accurate SSS scattering and make it blue.

In that picture, are you wanting the light blue color of the arms and torso or the dark blue color of the head?

Ush on May, 24th - 2008, 12:40 CET  
Light blue color of the arms and torso :)

Grendies on May, 24th - 2008, 17:21 CET  
Like this?

Ush on May, 24th - 2008, 19:22 CET with some blue hue :)

NCubed on Sep, 5th - 2008, 02:18 CET  
I like it. And it's a great reminder to use SSS, thanks.