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Category: Wall
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Rating: 6.38 (8 ratings)
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Plaster from my point of view. Just a simple normal map on a slightly colored plane.
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Plaster:

nille on Jun, 13th - 2008, 11:41 CET  
this isn't so bad guys, come on!
I rated it 7. Looks really useful, thanks for uploading it.

Sphinktus on Jun, 21th - 2008, 02:32 CET  
Nice... I lower the norm to .100 set the diffuse shader to Or-Na rough .665 and use cubic and this texture becomes awsome... as is, it really isn't very usefull for lit scenes. For super real looking plaster use SSS with scale .025 R 1.02 G 1.03 B 1.00 IOR 1.00.