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Old varnished wood

Creator: Jörzi image image
Category: Wood
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Wood material with two specular layers, one for the wood and one for the gloss varnish. The varnish has two voronoi crackle textures to simulate wear.
Old varnished wood
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Old varnished wood:

SoylentGreen on Aug, 14th - 2008, 15:57 CET  
This looks really good in the preview, maybe a bit too dark.

Jörzi on Aug, 14th - 2008, 22:10 CET  
I always have difficulties knowing what is a "normal" brightness level since it depends on both light setup and your monitor. In my current light setup i have two 0.5 point lights and AAO and it produces much brighter specular highlights than in the preview renders on this site.