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desert camo

Creator: stig image
Category: Fabric/Clothes
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Rating: 5.17 (6 ratings)
Downloads: 2908

I think it is alright but it is not the best... cc would be appreciated.
desert camo
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to desert camo:

Brammie22 on Oct, 29th - 2008, 09:44 CET  
Some of the colors are a bit blurry, that should be easy to fix, nice start though...

Paratron on Oct, 29th - 2008, 11:29 CET  
Nice start? Yes. But this is for finished materials, the working area is there on the upper left...

Brammie22 on Oct, 31th - 2008, 16:59 CET  

Ush on Apr, 17th - 2009, 18:17 CET  
Why he still upload WIP materials...

stig on Aug, 13th - 2009, 09:21 CET  
this isnt WIP, just because he said good start, doesnt mean its a WIP, maybe just because i dont have many mats! XD