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Welcome to the Open Material Repository

RepoBrowser Python Script for Blender (Version 9)
You can download every material of the Repository with the Plugin, but browsing and searching in the Database is easyer on this website ;)
Please send us a note if you notice any bugs in the Script (we need Informations about your OS and the Error-Log from Blenders Console, then).

What you need!
We use some Python-Functions in the Script that aren't available with the standard-python that comes along with Blender. You have to install the full Python Package to use it.
image Download Python.

  image Download the Script.

How to install
After downloading the Scriptfile, put it into your Blender Scripts-directory (i.e.: .blender/scripts). Thats it. Now you can access the Script from the Blender Scripts Window. Its stored under the category 'Materials'.
I will create a helpfile for you, soon.

v9: updated to use the new repository url

If you are able to add some features to the plugin/increase the GUI, then feel free to contact us ;)