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Welcome to the Open Material Repository

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Download cool blender materials for free!

This Database provides a collection of free materials for the open source software Blender 3D.
You can download every material without registration and can use it in your commercial or non-commercial projects without paying any fees.

Many Users of the open source community around Blender 3D provide their materials here and we have many new materials every week.
Currently, there are 664 Materials in 20 categories in our database, and it's still growing!

You can browse the Database and download materials without registering an account, but if you want to add some materials or post comments and rate materials, you need to register.

Have fun with this database and happy blendering! =)

Use our search to find all the mats you need for your Blender-Project.

News from June, 05th - 2017
After the matrep has been down for a looooong time, I finally managed to move everything to my current webserver, duct-tape everything so you can at least browse and download mats and brought it online again. Sorry for the long down-time! Sadly I had to disable all login-based features for now because the codebase is just too old to run reliably. I will try and create a new version of the matrep at some time in the future. If you want to contact me, send me a tweet to @paratron. Have fun! :)

-- Paratron
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