Another Indie-Game? Well, of course!

Discover a humouristic point and click adventure inspired by all the masterpieces which made us stick to our computers back in the day (and wherefore we played outside way too infrequently). Full of loony characters, unexpected twists and challenging riddles.


Accompany Vio on her unintentional journey through various realms. Explore broken cities, pirate ships in the deepest jungle and other unreal places. Stand by her side when she makes the acquaintance of the (depressive) Death and engage with lots of explicit and ambiguous references, hommages and immitations of the big classics past (and not quite past) times.

Handgezeichnete Hintergründe

We are a bit vintage - therefore we draw our background art the old-fashioned way with paper, pencil and ink. Colorizing is done digitally - this way we leave less colorful smudges on our desks.


And what the heck is up with this wannabe rubicks cube?

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