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Creator: walross image image
Category: Fibre/Fur
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Rating: 4.38 (13 ratings)
Downloads: 3710

Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to dalmatian:

Ls777 on May, 15th - 2007, 20:29 CET  
hmmm....could use alot of work.....i have a good dalmation skin though...ill upload it if you dont mind.

Sniper435 on May, 24th - 2007, 14:02 CET  
I agree, it could use some work, if you do have your own dalmation material then upload it, theres no rules on multiple materials for the same thing - gives people more choice

NCubed on Apr, 4th - 2008, 16:42 CET  
I like the spots though.

Ush on Jun, 7th - 2008, 19:44 CET  
ŻAL.pl 1/10

ryiden on Sep, 18th - 2008, 12:30 CET  
I can not understand the bad rating for this fur,
it looks very good on Suzanne with static particles enabled.