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Chrome Minnaert-Blinn

Creator: SoylentGreen image
Category: Metal
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Rating: 9.25 (24 ratings)
Downloads: 29506

Some shiny chromium metal, very simple. It needs raytracing and something to reflect, because RayMir is 1.
Chrome Minnaert-Blinn
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Chrome Minnaert-Blinn:

Meanie on May, 18th - 2007, 15:17 CET  
Woo, Bling Bling suzanne!!

Deevad on Nov, 19th - 2007, 10:52 CET  
Wao, best chrome material I've ever seen

Ush on Apr, 10th - 2008, 17:27 CET  
the best

NCubed on Sep, 17th - 2008, 02:20 CET  
Rated this ages ago, shortly after downloading, but have returned to say thanks cos I use it all the time.

SS on Sep, 21th - 2010, 10:31 CET  
Amazing, thanks a lot!