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Solid Surface 31 in 1

Creator: OBI_Ron image
Category: Plastic
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Rating: 6.67 (6 ratings)
Downloads: 3608

Solid surface material pack, 36 in all.

Nearly the same materials - just different colors.
Solid Surface 31 in 1
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Solid Surface 31 in 1:

Sniper435 on May, 28th - 2007, 20:46 CET  
this might just be me but doesn't having material packs on here defeat the object of the site? whatwith material previews and rankings etc... as with a material pack you cant search for and preview a material, you just have to download it and look... If you have lots of different materials submit them all seperately if its just one material (e.g. plastic) in different colours then submit one colour as i think most blender users are capable of changing the colour of a material..
Just my opinion

Paratron on May, 28th - 2007, 23:07 CET  
Yes, I know - but I've looked into the blend and the included mats only vary with the colors and a bit of dirt.
It's senseless to upload them all in single files.

Sniper435 on May, 29th - 2007, 10:31 CET  
fair enough then, but the name should probably reflect the type of material it is, whether its a plastic or whatever, and include the fact that there are varying colours and dirt within the material.. rather than calling it 31 in 1 which isn't too descriptive as to what the material is so that searches will find it correctly.
tell me if i'm just being too pedantic, this database is great btw :D

SoylentGreen on May, 29th - 2007, 13:58 CET  
-> Either there are different materials in the file, then each would deserve it's own entry.
-> Or there are only easy to customize materials in it, then one could write it in the comments.

So this file should be removed from the repository, or make it some kind of easter egg with a better description. It is not a problem to get many materials, the problem is to find the right one. With files like that you make the repository useless.

Sniper435 on May, 29th - 2007, 16:19 CET  
glad i'm not the only one who thinks this, i can find lots of materials on the net, its finding the right ones for the job without downloading lots of large librarys..

Paratron on May, 29th - 2007, 18:39 CET  
It IS one material with different color-types and dirts. Just read the description >_<

Sniper435 on May, 29th - 2007, 21:06 CET  
paratron it may be one material with different colour types and dirts but that doesn't change the fact that the name is not indicative of what the material IS.. hence searching will never find it (not any searches i know anyway)

Paratron on May, 30th - 2007, 00:54 CET  
Search for plastic, and you will find it. That's everything the material is.

Ultrasick on Aug, 23th - 2007, 06:28 CET  
in my oppinion the description should be better. But besides of the description I would also prefer seeing all different color and dirt combinations on this website. maybe several preview pictures (for each material inside the blender file) could be displayed here and in the plastic category overview. In the category overview there is currently 1 grey box/border and 1 preview image for each blender file. Maybe 1 grey box/border for each blender file and 1 preview image for each material inside the blender file would be reasonable.