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Grass (simple green)

Creator: hoehrer image
Category: Fibre/Fur
Sent online:
Rating: 6.92 (12 ratings)
Downloads: 11179

Simple grass material with nodes-backlight (just remove it in the node-editor to get the original material).
The material is nothing fancy, but works well in renders.

See an example of the grass here:[email protected]/189348498
Grass (simple green)
Sphere Custom

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Comments to Grass (simple green):

marmit424 on Jun, 18th - 2007, 16:40 CET  
Looking good!

Ush on Oct, 3rd - 2007, 18:53 CET  
Too dark, too short, too random,tlo-trawa.jpg

hoehrer on Sep, 4th - 2008, 10:09 CET  
1) Heavily depends on the lighting. Anyway: easy tweak.
2+3) Depends on the grass type - there are a lot [tm] of them :)


sandun on Dec, 18th - 2009, 07:28 CET  
good iLL
never tried it
i hope. thnaks