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Painted & Scratched Metal

Creator: hoehrer image
Category: Metal
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A nice demonstration how to do the "scratched painted-metal" look.

* The "stripes" you see that are used for the scratches are just an example, in most cases a custom-made uv-map is a better idea for the basic mask.
* Also the paint- and metal materials I used can be replaced with something better at any time, that's what the nodes are for anyway :)

On a related note: Now there need to be a way to get node-modified textures back into a bumpmap or something similar to make this even more powerful.

Painted & Scratched Metal
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Painted & Scratched Metal:

meschoyez on Jun, 4th - 2007, 13:57 CET  
Wow! it looks interesting! Great job, man...

hoehrer on Jun, 4th - 2007, 14:31 CET  
Oh, this stuff is not really that hard to do, in contrast check out this tutorial (this material uses some ideas from the tut):

CGTalk - Tutorial:Hard Surface Texture Painting

Now _that_ is impressive ;) - although not really possible with procedurals or low-res textures.


hoehrer on Jun, 4th - 2007, 15:48 CET  
A really cool way to use this type of material is by combining it with vertex- (especially useful with the vertex-AO script) or texture-painting.

A vertex-painted model ("Self-Shadow V-Cols" script):[email protected]/529673648/

The model rendered with a few tweaks to the produces vertex-colors ("Input->Geometry->Vertex Colors" Node):[email protected]/529673646/

I can upload this baby, but the downside is that one needs to modify the geometry (subsurfing) the model in most cases. A nice node-input for that gives a gradient depending on face-angles would really rock here.
The material itself does not provide any eyecandy (it's either completely metal or compellingly paint) - this all needs to be done by the user by setting vertex-colors


meschoyez on Jun, 5th - 2007, 21:05 CET  
Well, i need to try this stuff soon, then... Thaks a lot!