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Honeycomb Mesh

Creator: snelleeddy image
Category: Metal
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Rating: 8.33 (9 ratings)
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I hope this is what was asked, the descriptions are very unclear imo.
This is a material loosely based on a material from the Maxwell material repository. I had to redo the texture (because it was wrong...) and made a nor map. UV-map it to make certain it doesn't get distorted (all examples are slightly distorted).
Adjust size x and size y of the textures to fit your needs (or UV-map).
I made it for a papertrashbin.
Honeycomb Mesh
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Honeycomb Mesh:

Paratron on Sep, 9th - 2007, 12:11 CET  
Hey, i've edited the Material a little bit - activated the Texture for spec-mapping, because the holes between the wires shouldn't have specularity ;)

snelleeddy on Sep, 9th - 2007, 12:19 CET  
Thank you, due to the spec button, the globe image is now better but I can't upload the new version so check it out for yourselves.

Deevad on Sep, 9th - 2007, 18:44 CET  
Thanks a lot, it's the perfect material I was looking for to map some industrial design. 10/10 ;)