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Strawberry Yogurt

Creator: Carpenoctem image
Category: Liquids
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Rating: 6.6 (5 ratings)
Downloads: 2265

Strawberry Yogurt with a slight bump

(it might be too slight, so I recommend increasing the Normal Settings to your liking)
Strawberry Yogurt
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Strawberry Yogurt:

Paratron on Nov, 13th - 2007, 22:02 CET  
It looks like one of these yogurt-gums. Real Yogurt is wet ;)

Visiteur on Jan, 9th - 2008, 15:30 CET  
Look too solid :s

nille on Feb, 2nd - 2008, 19:25 CET  
needs SSS and more glossiness (i.e. higher spec and hard values). 5p.

DimentioRocks122 on Jan, 31th - 2010, 20:28 CET  
Yeah, add SSS and more glossiness. PS THANK GOODNESS no fruit chunks! ^_^