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christmas ornament

Creator: Xain777 image
Category: Nature
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Rating: 4.67 (6 ratings)
Downloads: 2157

this is a material I had laying around from one of my first prodjects... hope you like it!

as always comments welcome!
christmas ornament
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to christmas ornament:

Paratron on Nov, 20th - 2007, 18:23 CET  
Ruby is transparent... this isn't :(

Ush on Nov, 20th - 2007, 20:12 CET  

Jörzi on Nov, 22th - 2007, 12:07 CET  
The suzanne looks a bit ruby-ish, but paratron has a point, why isn't it transparent??

Darrrik on Nov, 23th - 2007, 00:27 CET  
It's a good Christmas ball ornament, but not a ruby.

Abc on Dec, 16th - 2007, 02:55 CET  
Um, my a lot or my ornements aren't transparent....

nille on Feb, 2nd - 2008, 19:53 CET