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Creator: markamorossi image image
Category: Organic
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Rating: 3.75 (8 ratings)
Downloads: 2482

Sphere Custom

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Comments to Lips:

Ush on Nov, 26th - 2007, 17:26 CET  
it isn't realistic...;[

uriel on Nov, 26th - 2007, 18:03 CET  
no, it's not , sure off that ! maybe a next version ?

markamorossi on Nov, 27th - 2007, 02:31 CET  
dont know why, but everything looks better on my comp.
ill try for a second.
im having bad luck lately. =(

Chainz on Nov, 27th - 2007, 07:58 CET  
Try using some references next time, ok?

Paratron on Nov, 27th - 2007, 15:38 CET  
lol, pink reference xD

the_blender_geek on Oct, 15th - 2009, 23:05 CET  
good for a cartoon!