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zombie skin

Creator: markamorossi image image
Category: Organic
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Rating: 7.91 (11 ratings)
Downloads: 2686

just me trying to be creative.
comments are welcome
zombie skin
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to zombie skin:

Brammie22 on Dec, 11th - 2007, 19:10 CET  
Nice work! i like it!

nabeshin on Dec, 12th - 2007, 17:38 CET  
maybe more details and resizing would make it better

DTMidian on Dec, 12th - 2007, 18:16 CET  
it's a good base, just requires more discoloration spots, some decaying bump/displacement and veins

markamorossi on Dec, 13th - 2007, 02:49 CET  
yes i know. i am kinda sorta in the process of upgrading this texture.
i tried for hours to do all that, but nothing was coming out the way i intended.
thanks for the suggestion.
if anyone wants to use this material and "revamp" it, feel free. id love to see what you come up with.

nille on Apr, 21th - 2008, 13:46 CET  
doesn't look like skin, sorry