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Creator: Julianh image
Category: Nature
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Rating: 7.33 (3 ratings)
Downloads: 2892

The material of a litchi-fruit.

I created the textures in the (very very nice) program named "MapZone2".

Attention! It uses UV-texturing for a nice distribution of the texture and displacement, so you need to have heavily subdivided objects for this material.
Sphere Suzanne

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Comments to litchi:

Julianh on Jan, 13th - 2008, 21:12 CET  
Hey - why arent't there any comments any more?

they seem deleted by someone, but I don't know why and how...

durand on Jul, 5th - 2008, 13:46 CET  
It looks nice but there seems to be fungi growing on it.

pkskymat on May, 27th - 2009, 20:16 CET  
How are the images managed in this file? Are they appended to the .blend file? How can I get a preview of the effect without adding a camera and light? I'm not seeing it in any of the texture or materials preview windows.