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Creator: florpp image
Category: Stone
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Rating: 3.75 (4 ratings)
Downloads: 2077

That is a material which looks a bit like the granodiorit from incas.

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Comments to Grano:

Paratron on Jan, 31th - 2008, 18:47 CET  
hmm, doesn't really look alike:

florpp on Jan, 31th - 2008, 19:13 CET  
I thought at granodiorit from Incas:

Paratron on Jan, 31th - 2008, 21:42 CET  
Looks just more different ;)

markamorossi on Jan, 31th - 2008, 23:29 CET  
yea no offense dude, but this looks nothing like the reference, and doesnt look realistic.
but hey, practice makes perfect. trust me, i know.
i have yet to make my "perfect" material.
good luck with future mats.

raphabonelli on Feb, 1st - 2008, 12:06 CET  
People are right... it's not so good, but don't ever give up...
Keep trying, and you will reach it.
Good luck!

Embri on Apr, 12th - 2008, 19:01 CET  
You know, this looks like a really nice lizard/dragon skin! I think it should be under an organic category instead of stone.