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Blood and Guts

Creator: fishcake image
Category: Organic
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Rating: 8.71 (7 ratings)
Downloads: 3576

hi this is my first material for this site. its just a blood and guts looking material.

poor suzanne
Blood and Guts
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Blood and Guts:

Paratron on Feb, 10th - 2008, 10:19 CET  
hmm, BBQ ^-^

Brammie22 on Feb, 10th - 2008, 10:29 CET  
Not very healthy, but i like it! :-)
Welcome to the wonderful world of the Materialmakers!

Nazsha on Mar, 14th - 2008, 00:34 CET  
Humm.. Meat!