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Creator: Chainz image image
Category: Metal
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Rating: 9.18 (11 ratings)
Downloads: 6420

Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Chain(z):

Brammie22 on Feb, 16th - 2008, 18:43 CET  
Awesome mat!
You got a profile on blenderartists?
Use your custom render then!
It's awesome!

Chainz on Feb, 18th - 2008, 10:53 CET  
Oh! Thanks man!
Too bad I don't have it... But if you want you can put it there, feel free to do it :)

Brammie22 on Feb, 18th - 2008, 16:31 CET  
Thanks, man.

Chainz on Feb, 21th - 2008, 10:58 CET  
If you decide to put it there just paste a link here :)
You can mail me at: chainzeeATgmailDOTcom, so I could send you a bigger render.

SS on Nov, 16th - 2010, 13:35 CET  
Great! This is exactly what I was looking for. Now my old key actually looks like an old key :) Thanks a lot!