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Blue Darkness

Creator: Shinnohn image
Category: Fancy
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Rating: 8.38 (13 ratings)
Downloads: 10480

This is just some random Material that has no specific use. If you like it download it; if you don't tell me how I can improve. Thank you.
Blue Darkness
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Blue Darkness:

Brammie22 on Feb, 18th - 2008, 07:20 CET  
Looks good! I like it!

Chainz on Feb, 18th - 2008, 10:58 CET  
Just add Suzanne :)

stig on Oct, 3rd - 2008, 05:59 CET  
to me, it looks too much like water, and works well in that condition. 9/10 though

also great as a bowling ball! ;-)

DimentioRocks122 on Dec, 24th - 2009, 18:25 CET  
Very cool. 10/10.