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Creator: organic image
Category: Stone
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Rating: 7 (5 ratings)
Downloads: 5237

Can be used as unglazed porcelain with the mirroring disabled and the specularity reduced. The model is by endi:
woman head - new render, old model
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Porcelain:

Chainz on Feb, 28th - 2008, 09:33 CET  
Just bit too much SSS as for me, but it's good :)

Brammie22 on Feb, 28th - 2008, 16:37 CET  
I agree with Chainz.
With too much SSS, you can' t see the model anymore.
Otherwise, good job

Ush on Feb, 29th - 2008, 12:57 CET  
it looks like wax