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Creator: organic image
Category: Stone
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Rating: 9 (7 ratings)
Downloads: 4846

It isn't perfect, but it looks nice.
The mirroring isn't really necessary.
The model is oldvase.blend from: click
Thanks to chipmasque at blenderartists for some useful suggestions.
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Alabaster:

organic on Feb, 28th - 2008, 11:00 CET  
I adapted it from whitemarble.blend on the blender texture cd -

Chainz on Feb, 28th - 2008, 11:47 CET  
The custom rendering is pretty good.
Have you tried to render it using Mitch sampling?

organic on Feb, 28th - 2008, 12:38 CET  
I have now. It has changed the look of the textures a little, I would have to make some adjustments. Looks nice though, thanks.

Chainz on Feb, 28th - 2008, 12:41 CET  

Brammie22 on Feb, 28th - 2008, 16:36 CET  
Hey, you are getting good in this!!
Very nice! A 9!

markamorossi on Feb, 28th - 2008, 18:07 CET  
hey you should upload that wood material in the custom render.
it looks really nice too.

organic on Feb, 28th - 2008, 23:02 CET  
Ah, the wood is a .jpg.