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choco cookies

Creator: cretox image
Category: Misc
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Rating: 6.4 (5 ratings)
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Be careful! Runs with v2.46 only! I'm sorry. v2.45 loads it but you have to modify somethings in the node editor to make it right.
choco cookies
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to choco cookies:

Paratron on Mar, 5th - 2008, 21:38 CET  
You can thank God that I allready have "Rinky" installed or I couldn't check your material :P

cretox on Mar, 5th - 2008, 21:40 CET  

Marcus Fenix on Mar, 5th - 2008, 22:16 CET  
cool! I like it! I like 2.46 materials,too ;)

stig on Jun, 4th - 2009, 02:33 CET  
you could change the colours and use it as a leopard skin XD

CGEffex on Sep, 24th - 2010, 21:27 CET  
*takes a bite out of monitor*