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Stainless steel

Creator: Brammie22 image image
Category: Metal
Sent online:
Rating: 7.91 (11 ratings)
Downloads: 10580

I think this one is good enough.
Hope you like! Uses tangent shading.
You can change the color of the metal with the main sliders and the colorramp.
My reference
Hope you enjoy!
PS: I hope this is where some people are looking for.
PPS: Sorry for my bad English.
Stainless steel
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Stainless steel:

0johannes0 on Mar, 16th - 2008, 20:04 CET  
You're good!

Brammie22 on Mar, 17th - 2008, 07:18 CET  
Hey, i really love to hear that!
Good ratings too!

Chainz on Mar, 17th - 2008, 08:51 CET  
Custom and Suzanne look so cool! :)

wormwood on Mar, 17th - 2008, 20:33 CET  
I'm sorry to say that this material rendered really badly when I tried it in a default Blender scene on a sphere and cube.

The steel effect looks arbitrarily painted on with no relationship to the light source. You can see it where the light colour bands meet at the top in Sphere and Custom. I also got some random blocky areas and other odd artifacts when I rendered it.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Has anyone else found this material strange?

Brammie22 on Mar, 17th - 2008, 20:55 CET  
I made the material in the render file.
Maybe you're right. I don' t know. Never tried it in another scene.
Thanks for the comment. I keep this in my head. :-)