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Black Hair

Creator: SoylentGreen image
Category: Fibre/Fur
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Rating: 7.5 (12 ratings)
Downloads: 9327

Particle System 2.46, uses Keypointstrands. Activate "Strand render" in the Visualisation panel of the particle system.
Black Hair
Particles Suzanne Custom

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Comments to Black Hair:

Ush on Jul, 19th - 2008, 19:31 CET  
thx, very useful :)

Brammie22 on Jul, 19th - 2008, 21:44 CET  
Looks good!
Man... still didn' t dowload the 2.46 :-o

googie_k on May, 25th - 2009, 19:57 CET  
And to think that 20 years ago, people thought it would be impossible to model hair on a computer. I bet those peoples' grandparents were the ones who said that airplanes would never exist.

Nicely done :-).