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green voronoi

Creator: bohemix image image
Category: Organic
Sent online:
Rating: 7.89 (9 ratings)
Downloads: 5929

green voronoi
Sphere Suzanne Custom

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Comments to green voronoi:

SoylentGreen on Aug, 16th - 2008, 20:53 CET  
I may be more helpfull if you could describe a specific use for the material, wich you could also call "ugly voronoi" or something. Use it for something that you don't want to see in your images ;-)

Paratron on Aug, 26th - 2008, 08:56 CET  
I don't want to hear that again to any of the provided materials. The people do a lot work for creating them. It's not ugly - and it allready have 38 downloads, so it seems that someone WANTS to see it in their pictures.

Thank you -.-

ravid1001 on Apr, 4th - 2009, 23:26 CET  
353 downloads by now....